Empowering Product Teams

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When working in an organisation that is rapidly growing and developing, it is no longer possible for any one person to keep a handle on all the things that are taking place. The strategy becomes about setting a clear course of action for teams, with clear boundaries, and getting people to self organise within and empowered to deliver things as fast as possible.

However, for empowered teams to flourish, certain foundations need to be in place for teams to be setup for success. It is our roles as leaders to guide teams and put in place these foundations along with creating an environment that grows the expected behaviours we are looking for. Only then do teams start taking ownership and feeling empowered to do their best work and deliver to their potential.

In this talk, I shared openly some of the key things we put in place late 2019/20 to turn the ship around for a team that felt disempowered and lacked in clarity of purpose.