High Performing Teams

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"True refuge is that which allows us to be at home, at peace, to discover true happiness. The only thing that can give us true refuge is the awareness and love that is intrinsic to who we are. Ultimately, it's our own true nature."
Tara Brach,

Many software development teams are formed for extended periods of time and never reach a point were they are acknowledged by their organisations or even themselves as high performing teams. Yet, when the right environment is created for a team that can reach that potential, these teams tend to punch above their weight and deliver value greater than the sum of the individual talent in the team.

In this talk I explore the philosophies underpinning human motivation that we employ in our teams at Xero to build high performing teams. I also share key principles that we work to build in our culture to foster an environment that taps into the deap-seated desired of our people’s needs to expand on their abilities and do the best work of their lives in our organisation.

This talk was presented to a postgrad class on Contemporary Methods in Software Engineering at AUT.