Hiring at scale

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You always hear that nothing is more important to a organisation than hiring amazing talent that can bring all sort of business strategies to life. So how do you attract such talent in to your recruitment pipeline? And how do you know what to look for and what to ask when you do meet them?

In 2018, I was given an ambitious objective to hire over 35 engineers in less than 4 months. With a dismal record of hiring one person in 8 months in the same year, I was hardly the person to look up to for this task. However, as engineers, that’s what we do - we solve problems. Could our current hiring processes that were in place succeeed at attracting the desired target? The answer was an obvious no… something completely different had to be done.

And there starts the story of the talk. How hiring at Xero was reimagined completely from scratch with speed, diverse hiring and scale taken into account. I share the key insights that fundamentally changed the game for us and allowed us to attract amazing talent whilst simultaneously raising “the bar”.

This talk was presented at Rewired’s Lunch and Learn series.